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Update on emergency tiger rescue

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February 2013

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Joella, white tigress
         I wrote to you last week about an emergency tiger move IFAW was helping conduct in Arkansas. I'm thrilled to tell you that we have begun the operation and several cats have already been moved from a failing sanctuary to the spacious and safe Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. IFAW rescuer Kelly Donithan has the details in this video:
Tiger move video
I know how much you care for animals, and I'm writing to you today because I know you feel as I do -- that wild animals belong in the wild. Unfortunately, these big cats never had that chance. Some were used in the entertainment industry and tossed aside when they were no longer needed. Others were born to "backyard breeders" and surrendered when they became too big. We can't change the past for these animals, but with your help, we CAN make the rest of their lives enriching and ensure that they’re living in spacious and safe enclosures. As you know, IFAW has participated in a number of big cat moves. It's an expertise we've developed that is proving to be more and more needed as bans on private ownership of big cats are enacted. You can help us respond quickly to animal rescue missions like these by donating today. Your gift will help save tigers like "Lilly" who was just a cub when a family in Texas began raising her as a family pet and gave her up when she became too big and dangerous and was surrendered. And "Sampson", a male tiger who has become terribly frightened of people, most likely due to a traumatic experience when he was young. Simply put, big cat moves like this will become more and more necessary. And with your compassionate donation today, IFAW's Animal Rescue will be ready for the call.
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Ian Robinson IFAW Program Director, Animal Rescue

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